The Way of Change

Finding your power to thrive in a changing world.

Through developing the four powers of Connection, Truth, Courage and Vision, we can become not just observers of the changes that we see around us, but creators driving transformation in our lives and in the world.

To be alive in this world is to be constantly surrounded by change.

The Way of Change shows us how to come into a more fulfilling relationship with these changes by teaching us powerful tools and practices, and then guiding us to find our own way of working with them.

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Luitha has walked the shaman’s path for many years and now invites you to experience self-empowerment through the Way of Change. Overflowing with down-to-earth guidance and exercises, this book shows you not only how you can effect change in your life but also how you can grow in the process connecting to nature, learning your truth, finding your courage, and touching your sacred self. Heartfelt, compassionate, and deeply practical, Luitha s book is a wonderful guide to have by your side.

~ Mike Williams

This is a great book – it was so packed full of exercises and practical things to try it was almost too much! I loved how relate-able to daily life it was and how down to earth too – a very approachable introduction to some of the shaman ways.

~ Lea Woodward

Read it. It will change your life. Am amazing approach. So simple. Changed my way of dealing with issues. It may also help you.

~ Amazon Reviewer

An excellent book, filled with so many inspirational sharmanic tools and practices that can be easily followed or adapted to suit the uniqueness of the reader. Written with such passion, and good intention, you can actually feel the beautiful energy that bounces off the pages from the author herself. This book has truly given me a new insight into myself and indeed of life itself. Lessons that once read, will stay with you forever…..

~ Amazon Reviewer

The simplistic act of ceremony has been captured beautifully in The Way of Change. Reconnecting to the sacred in all things has been brought to life in this lovely book.

~ Amazon Reviewer