The devil loves their children

Brilliant creatures diverse


Delicious difference of form

Of song and appetite

Unbound beings winged and horned 

Scaled beneath skin

Ungainly imposters 


Fulfilled in earth and magma

Waterfall spaces

Blood altars beneath branches

Scratched sigils 

Doorways and designs


Alien attempts 

We are the shadow’s gifts 

The breakers of chains

The enders the speakers

We know the pathways of death and madness

Death and courage

Trickster kin and night spawn 

The great wings of the moon enfold us soft

As we sleep in sunlight

Dreaming new magic into life

// Eóten

I Will Love You Now

I will love you now

Little blossoms I will

Hold you kiss you

Inhale you

Now until there are no more nows

Because only a paper thin wall

Lies between us

And nothing

And nothing walks behind us

With its hands on our shoulders

Ready for the bombs or collisions

Or moments of anger

Or simple broken heart

So I will love you now

In our tiny moments

That matter

And let the looming dark remember

Every touch

Every kiss

Indelibly created for us