Split face - eye gold staring
smoke smell, curling
Lord they watch, brother, listening
stone, waiting, cool grey
upon the brass upon the wood
Smile, it was said
a contract made
denied now, if I can, to turn away
lift hand a no - a space to hold
within, softening breath opens
in return 
those eyes watch - forget
that telling - deafen to
this need, noticed, known
bring to the eye
call out, truth mine

Complex sex

How can I be sex


Rose lips and cropped


Hair like otter fur

Moving invisible between

Strut and slink 

Hidden places soft beneath

Hard words

My nakedness is freedom

Without defining wrappings 

Unshelved and moving real

Intertwining complex


Outside demands that i

Am untethered to

Beyond tongue ties breathing

Unseen before you

// Eoten