Why Animism?

Why animism?

Animism is both a way of looking at life and a way of working with the world.

Animism helps us improve our creativity, family lives, love lives, work, health, emotions, environment, sense of purpose, freedom and power.

With animism in our lives, we can find the wholeness and wildness that make life joyful.

What does practicing animism mean?

It means that we can work with the circumstances of our lives through ceremony, art in all forms, thinking expansively, being in nature, honouring our ancestors, working with spirits, divination and working directly with energy.

Practicing animism is different for everyone, and is often shaped by our cultural heritage. Sometimes, it simply looks like folk magic and other times it looks like mysticism.

The common thread is how it allows us to directly work with everything in our lives, creating real change and understanding.

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