Complex sex

How can I be sex


Rose lips and cropped


Hair like otter fur

Moving invisible between

Strut and slink 

Hidden places soft beneath

Hard words

My nakedness is freedom

Without defining wrappings 

Unshelved and moving real

Intertwining complex


Outside demands that i

Am untethered to

Beyond tongue ties breathing

Unseen before you

// Eoten

Becoming Again

Lace of sparks curls


I am inside contained briefly

Or beyond 

Another shape entirely

Between skull bones and tongue

A little broken

A little queer

The unreliable narrator of reality

Of soft impressions fluid

Finding all the cracks

But I am something else

 star lit darkness deep

No depths no bones at all

The imperfect channels will erode

Sputter into dissolution 

Leaving me bare and bright

// Eoten