Complex sex

How can I be sex


Rose lips and cropped


Hair like otter fur

Moving invisible between

Strut and slink 

Hidden places soft beneath

Hard words

My nakedness is freedom

Without defining wrappings 

Unshelved and moving real

Intertwining complex


Outside demands that i

Am untethered to

Beyond tongue ties breathing

Unseen before you

// Eoten


The devil loves their children

Brilliant creatures diverse


Delicious difference of form

Of song and appetite

Unbound beings winged and horned 

Scaled beneath skin

Ungainly imposters 


Fulfilled in earth and magma

Waterfall spaces

Blood altars beneath branches

Scratched sigils 

Doorways and designs


Alien attempts 

We are the shadow’s gifts 

The breakers of chains

The enders the speakers

We know the pathways of death and madness

Death and courage

Trickster kin and night spawn 

The great wings of the moon enfold us soft

As we sleep in sunlight

Dreaming new magic into life

// Eóten